Why not let ETMSolutions configure your Bus Company's Electronic Ticket Machines?

If you are a Company or somebody with skill(s) which you would like to make available to others using the World Wide Web . . .

Congratulations, you've taken the first step!

Firstly, ETM Solutions will register your Domain Name.  This gives you your ".co.uk" or ".com" name (you would type "www.ETMSolutions.co.uk" to get to the Home Page of our Web Site).

If you don't know which name you require, think of an abbreviation which is significant to your particular subject.  We recommend supplying at least three different name options as so many thousands of Domains are registered every day!

We will let you know immediately if your Domain Name has already been registered.

Once registered, the fun of designing your Web Site begins (if you know how you want your site to look, that's fine, you're the boss!).

We use Microsoft Frontpage, which means we don't spend lots of time programming.  This speeds up the process and keeps costs DOWN!

This site, in our opinion is unique and we want it to remain that way.  Your Web site should also be unique, and with us, YOU really are the king of your domain. 

The Web is about uniqueness and individuality - NOT conformity.  A small minority of "Web Design Companies" will try to bully you into accepting a "template" which you don't like.  The truth of the matter is that most of them can only cope with one design concept (using an excuse about "common web design") and just like double glazing sales staff - they hate it when they are deviated from their script!

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